Authors - what Agent Artery can do for you?

What are the benefits of using Agent Artery?

Agent Artery is designed to make the process of submitting and managing your submissions easier. Rather than having to trawl different databases of agencies, view dozens of agency websites, and creating multiple files and folders for submissions on your desktop or in your email account, and having to attach documents for each individual submission, Agent Artery brings the whole process under one roof.

Search for suitable Agents
  • Use AA's comprehensive agency directory to find suitable agencies
  • Search agencies by those whose books open or closed
  • Search agencies by genre
  • Read agency profiles
  • View agency client lists
  • View agency twitter feeds
  • View individual agent profiles
  • View agency and agents' submission guidelines

    Upload your submission material
  • Enter the title / word count / genre(s)
  • Enter your Synopsis
  • Upload sample chapters

    (N.B. You can create submission materials for as many novels as you like.)

    Making your submissions
  • Once you've searched the AA agency directory it's very straightforward to make submissions - simply click and submit
  • Create your cover letter(s) - you can create a template cover letter which you can adapt (top and tail) for each submission
  • We store the cover letter for every submission so that you can refer back to it
  • No need to upload and attach document for each submission - you only need to do that when you first create your submission profile, after that Agent Artery will manage things for you.

    Managing your submissions
  • See which agencies you've submitted to
  • See the date of your submisisons
  • Check the cover letter you used for your submission
  • See whether your submission has been received
  • See whether your sample chapters have been downloaded
  • See whether your submission is still under consideration or if it has been rejected
  • Receive an alert when your submission has been rejected
  • Receive an alert if the full MS has been requested

    Who are the people behind Agent Artery?
    We have a detailed knowledge of the submission procedure, from both an agent's and an author's point of view. We know the frustrations and elations from both sides. The technology is built in-house by Blue Compass Ltd, the UK's largest networking and recruitment site for the media and entertainment industry. With 500,000 members and several million page impressions per month, the Blue Compass network and technology is extremely robust and secure. As a company we've been around since 2003 and we're used to providing a quality service to a wide audience. So if you're worried that Agent Artery will be here today, gone tomorrow - don't worry, you're in safe hands!