When you’re hungry, you’re hungry. By now, hopefully you’ve had some time to check out some of the places of interest in the unique city of Newark DE. As you make your way around to all of those attractions, especially the ones out in nature, you’re going to get hungry. These are four of your best stops in terms of the top restaurants in Newark DE.

Border Cafe is a great place to feature first, and its location is 483 Stanton Christiana Road. You will see great Mexican food on the menu, but this place actually serves up other foods, too, like catfish and burgers. According to the menu highlights, the food there is quite eclectic, which means there is something to fit every taste. For me, I can already see what I would be ordering, the fajitas. It appears they serve up delicious margaritas, too.

Two Stones Pub is up next on the list of restaurants in Newark. Its location is 2 Chesmar Plaza, and some of the menu highlights include tacos, ribs and burgers. Not only is the food yummy, but you’re going to be privy to a nice beer selection as well. One reviewer that really liked the burgers also mentioned that the wings are delicious, too. Burgers and wings, does it get any better?

Malin’s Deli is a wonderful restaurant to stop by for a meal in Newark, too. Don’t you just love delis? Delis, cafes and diners, my three favorites. The fries served up at this place look absolutely delicious in the picture featured on a travel site. Malin’s Deli is found at 812 South College Avenue. As you can imagine, you can order up all kinds of delicious fresh sandwiches there.

I told you that I like cafes. So Home Grown Cafe has to make the list. Just the name of this place already has you expecting some great food, am I right? Its location is 126 East Main Street, and the green apple salad, carrot cake and crab dip are three of the popular menu highlights. Wings, buffalo cauliflower and a veggie burger also make the list.

It’s safe to say that you’re going to be eating well in Newark DE. You just have to find which restaurant you want and order up something delicious. Stop on by one of these four top restaurants in Newark DE with the family, and enjoy a bite to eat.